Creating Favorite


I am so glad that you are here! Your Party Made Simple offers so many different things to help you create custom, unforgettable memories!

Probably one of the biggest concerns when planning a party is the TIME and creativity it will involve. You have to pick out a menu...paper products or dinnerware... decorations... entertainment...and the list goes on! Did you know that putting feet to your vision and saving you time and money is my specialty? 

I will save you hours of planning and stress - saving you money because there will be no need for reckless spending at the last minute trying to make everything work.

I will listen to your heart and vision and use detailed planning to master the fine details, customizing your special event to be exactly how you envisioned and

creating a memory for all!

xoxo Wendy

Create a party everyone still talks about!

Attending one of Wendy's events is like showing up for a party she threw just for you! She has the unique ability to make everyone feel like she was thinking of them when she mapped out an event. She pays attention to detail and design, giving those extra little flourishes that make a party memorable. Wendy is creative, organized, and a great communicator, something that usually falls by the wayside when someone less experienced tries to plan their own big events. Hiring Wendy takes the pressure off of the host/ess, freeing them up to enjoy the party and their guests that much more, and that is worth every cent!

Erin Zubert, Love is Blooming and Mom of 4